I’m going to talk you through a really beautiful energizing practice for you to do if you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or like you’re carrying too much responsibility with too much on your plate.

In this short practice you will experience how to shift your energy to clear and recharge with mother earth. This meditation technique  is going to take you about  five to ten minutes and you’re going to feel a completely different person.

It’s all about our connection to the earth and the natural energy that flows that is always available to you.

Watch the video or follow the pointers below

It goes like this

  • Stand or sit with your back straight and your feet firmly on the ground. If you are outside in nature that helps but if you have to be inside in your living room that’s okay.
  • Make sure that your feet are placed firmly flat on the ground beneath you hip width apart.
  • If you practice reiki you can invite reiki to flow but reiki is not necessary for this all we’re going to be doing now is bringing our attention to the soles of our feet.
  • Close your eyes so that you can centre inwards and relax your belly so that the breath is relaxed. Just breath normally with your attention down into the soles of your feet.
  • Become aware of the feet where they touch the floor, where they touch the earth, where they even touch your socks and your shoes.
  • Each different reflexology point on the soles of your feet corresponds to your body so recognise that each of those points of your body is coming into our awareness.
  • Allow yourself some deep breaths to really relax with that attention on the soles of the feet and recognise your energetic connection to the earth.
  • Now you are going to activate a very natural flow of relax and release. The invitation here is to let go of everything in your busy mind, all the worries and responsibilities that you are carrying. Set that down on the ground beneath you as if you were breathing that out through the soles of your feet and letting it go.
  • Allow the earth to carry away these burdens, your aches and pains all the stuff which is milling around you which doesn’t necessarily even belong to you
  • Let go off conversations you’ve had, emails that you’ve got to send, stuff which is in your energy field which is not serving you right now.
  • The invitation is to let it go as if you were breathing out through the soles of your feet, releasing and allowing the earth to help you by transforming and taking away stagnant energy.
  • Feel, see and sense the earth welcoming you and transforming, composting your unwanted energy.
  • Now in this beautiful space you might be feeling emptier because you know the stuff that you’ve been carrying is now flowing down from the back of your head, down through your neck, shoulders, down through your back body, along your spine, round down through the pelvis and down through the legs.
  • Allow these things that don’t serve you to go into the earth.
  • Remind yourself “I am releasing everything that doesn’t serve me, I am letting this go into the earth and I trust the earth will transform this into something better.”
  • Now as you breathe in, this is your opportunity to replenish, re-energize and rejuvenate.
  • Every time you breathe in, breathe as if you were breathing in through those beautiful soles of your feet that are making contact with the earth. Feel, see and sense energy coming from the earth and touching the soles of your feet.
  • Draw this energy up as you breathe in, all the way up through the legs up into the belly and all the way up through your heart, all the way into your being. Draw this energy right the way up to the crown of your head and just keep breathing in a lovely normal and relaxed way
  • Each time you breathe in, just know and trust that you are breathing in this vital energy. This energy is transforming you and filling you up with a high vibration, a rejuvenating frequency which is going to energize you and shift your energy body into a new frequency.
  • Breathe in through the soles of your feet and each time you breathe in that breath is traveling all the way up from the centre of the earth and it’s touching, energizing and stimulating every single cell in your beautiful body.
  • Relax, breathe, trust and receive.
  • Bring your hands together into a prayer position or just place them in your heart. Tune in now and notice if there a shift in your body.
  • Are you feeling different from when you first started this exercise?

Let me know in the comments how this meditation has affected you.