Discover the Three Questions never to ask in a Shamanic Journey

Setting a good clear intention before you Shamanic Journey is key to receiving clear and helpful information from the spirit world. Phrasing and wording an intention is quite an art and I’m going to share three things you need to keep out of those intention questions in order to receive helpful guidance.

Watch on the video below or scroll down to read through these three questions.

Asking Why?

For example: why is this happening to me or Why is this client always late? Why does my mom always do this? Rephrase to: Show me what I am not seeing here. Show me rather than why is this happening? Show me what needs healing here.

Phrases like that give spirit a much wider canvas to paint a picture for you and to bring you information rather than asking why?

Should I?

For example: should I work with this client? Should I take this new job offer? Should I move to this new area? Rephrase to:  What will I learn if I move to this new area? What will I learn if I take on this new job? Once more questions like these are going to provide you with a much broader picture as it gives your spirit guides a much larger playing field to reveal information and guidance.

Yes or no?

For example: Any time we ask a question that is going to give us a yes or no answer spirit is likely to go “yeah” because it wants you to have a thrill. It wants you to have an experience that gives you the greatest learning, the greatest kind of opening. So that may be emotional challenges, healing that make us feel like “oh my god i can’t believe i’m doing this!”. Avoid asking the yes or no questions

Bonus tip

Sometimes we phrase focus too much on me me me phrasing our questions such as “What can I do to….” eg. “What can I do to bring more clients into my healing practice?”. This doesn’t spirit the opportunity to dive in so rephrase the me question to: “In what ways can this happen or show me…” In this way we’re not saying “hey show me how I can do this”, we’re asking “in what ways can this happen for the best possible outcome of all beings”.

I really hope that this has been helpful for you so that you can have clearer intentions and therefore be shown clearer insight and deeper connections as part of your shamanic journey. Whether you’re a shamanic reiki practitioner or a shamanic practitioner.

Comment below and let me know if you found this useful and what else you would find useful to help you with your shamanic journeys and your practice.

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