Are you a herbalist,  interested in learning Reiki?

Here are 7 reasons to learn Reiki (for herbalists)

So I’m going to dive in with these reasons to get you excited about learning reiki, this amazing healing and self development practice from Japan. Watch the video and read through below.

1) The first reason to learn reiki is it will increase your intuition. This is really important when we’re working with the plants because we want to be able to tune into their frequency. As a herbalist, you want to be able to be guided intuitively to select remedies and plants. You also want to be able to listen and really hear what’s being said when a client presents their symptoms and the issues that they’re seeking healing for.

2) Reiki will open your ability to receive and sense energy.  Again this is really important when we’re working with the energetics of plants and the frequencies of the the products and the preparations that we can produce when we’re connecting with plants. It also helps us too when we’re with a client because we can actually feel the energy only of them but also the the stories that they’re telling us and what they’re saying about why they’ve come to visit us.

You can also really tune into the energy of places and different spaces in nature so that’s where it gets really exciting when you’re working with reiki.

3) Reiki is a high frequency energy so when you become attuned to reiki your vibration, your frequency is going to increase. This shift brings a state of expansion which magnetizes new opportunities to you and helps to release any blocks or stagnation that you may have been suffering from that have stopped you from moving forward in your path.

4) Reiki gives you the ability to channel energy for self-healing. At reiki level one you’re attuned to the energy of Reiki and this means that you can work with reiki energy to improve your self your energy field and work on any symptoms that you have. Reiki stimulates stimulates the body’s intelligence, it stimulates your ability to heal from the mind body and spirit perspective. This is a brilliant self-development opportunity at reiki level one to improve your health and well-being. You can also practice on your friends, your family, your pets and your plants! This will improve the health of any plants and herbs that you are cultivating.

5) With your wonderful reiki hands and with reiki flowing through you, you can send reiki to any herbal preparations that you make.  If you like to grow plants, look after plants, harvest plants, wild harvest, and make herbal medicines you can work with reiki every step of the way to channel this high frequency of reiki energy into each and every herbal preparation that you make. This is where the potency of the medicine making and the plant connections really starts to take shape because your intuition is open, your energy is expanded and you’re really allowing yourself to be guided by reiki and the plants as you create your medicines. It’s really fun and powerful medicine making!

6) Reiki will align you with your authentic self, with your true path. Divine light and energy, Reiki carries a high frequency and so anything that is in your system that is not quite 100 percent you and authentic is going fall away. The process is like tuning into a radio and anything that is not energetically aligned with this frequency is going to be released. Reiki helps us become much more into alignment with the truth of who we are and also connect you with what is your soul calling and what you’re here to do in this world. This for me personally, got really exciting because reiki was the catalyst for me in getting started with plants and foraging and studying herbal medicine. This then led to teaching and writing books about it and helping other people like you!

7) The final reason to learn reiki as a herbalist is that reiki connects you to something so much greater than you. This brings with it a sense of humility, a sense of community, a deep feeling of expansion and that beautiful sense of magic that you feel when you know are supported. There is a sense of holding and knowing that unfolds showing you that you have a unique role to play in this wonderful world and you are not alone. From my point of view, that is super exciting and encouraging. It also gives you this brilliant sense of belonging!

There you go, those were my 7 reasons to learn Reiki for herbalists that you might want to consider, let alone all the other amazing reasons that we learn reiki. When we are attuneded to Reiki, we become reiki, as the light of reiki flows through us and we help others not just ourselves along our healing path.

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