Right so, those who follow Oliver Farm Botanicals and are fans of our teas, flowers and herbal products will know all this already, but just in case you hadn’t heard we have gone and done the unthinkable.

We have sold the farm… Crikey what have we done?

I could put all the blame on Jamie, since I was actually in Europe at the time… but the idea to sell was one of those that just kept coming up for us and so we finally gave in thinking that like all places in rural Nova Scotia it might take a year or so. Whoops… didn’t see that coming. Or did we? Are we so in tune with the universe that without knowing it, we sensed that an opportunity could not be missed. Golly I hope so.

And just what is the opportunity that we are creating for ourselves now? We are packing up after nearly 5 years of adventure in Nova Scotia. The thought of doing this and shipping our SH**T back to where it came from makes me cringe but I also love having a good clear out so I am secretly getting a little thrill from the thought of having to go through clothes, paperwork and general junk that has accumulated over the last few years. But back into a container and across the sea it will go with us leading the way by plane with two frightened puppies stuffed in the cargo hold.

To where?

The answer to this has not quite yet revealed itself to us. We are heading in the general direction of Scotland and are hoping that as we step faithfully into the arms of destiny, some kind of workable plan will become clear. It goes along the lines of flowers, honey, herbs and healing … in no particular order just in a sort of colourful, abundant jumble flowing with all the goodness of that stuff we know and love. So that’s as far as we have got.

Sad to leave, sort of excited and a little bit scared. Just another step on the adventure we call life I suppose.