Plant Spirit Healing, also known as Plant Spirit Medicine, works with the spirit of plants to restore wholeness and make us feel like ourselves again. Most clients that I work with report feelings of bliss, joy, love and peace. Often a client may experience an emotional release of some kind after spending time with a specific plant ally as part of the Plant Spirit Healing process.

Plant Spirit Medicine or Plant Spirit Shamanism often hits the headlines detailing ceremonies with Amazonian Shamen and powerful psychoactive plants. Yes it does encompass this, however for me from my humble home in the Scottish Borders, it’s as simple as building a relationship with the local plants that grow around me. Refer to my blog posts on Yarrow by clicking here to read about a Plant Spirit Ceremony that I created and took part in last year. You don’t need to fly off to the Amazon for an exotic experience (though that is fun too, I have been twice), you can reap the benefits of Plant spirit Healing right where you are, at home or at work, in the city or in the countryside.

Rather than rely solely on the physical properties of a plant, as with Herbal Medicine, Plant Spirit Healing depends on developing a respectful relationship with the plant as a conscious and intelligent being. The process of Plant Spirit Healing is like a dance between you and a specific plant, you begin by becoming aware of each other and get physically acquainted and then go deeper, as if you have slipped into a world between worlds where the magic comes in.What is plant spirit healing

If you prefer technical explanations of how these things work, then you might want to consider the bio-magnetic energy field which surrounds you, often referred to as an aura. Plants, as living organisms, have them too and when in proximity bio-magnetic fields merge and information is exchanged. But I’m not a scientist so that’s as far as I can go with that.

How to begin with Plant spirit Healing?

  1. Start by getting outside! This is simple if you have a garden or live in the countryside. However, even in the city you can find a tree lined avenue or a park to take a stroll in, not to mention those plants that insist on growing in the cracks between our paving and tarmac. And if you really can’t get outside then make sure you have a house plant to hang out with indoors.
  2. Take a walk, every day and start noticing the green life that grows around you.
  3. Allow what you see into your heart and really begin to appreciate the amazing beauty of the plant life you find.
  4. Notice what really calls to you – is it the flowers in bloom, the tiny weeds that look so determined to grow where they shouldn’t or maybe it’s the enormous tree outside your window that looks so old and strong.
  5. Spend time with the plants that are trying to grab your attention. Observe them growing and explore them with your senses.
  6. Breathe together
  7. Let this plant into your heart. ie. Love it! Make friends with it!
  8. Talk to your plant, tell it your story.
  9. Listen and notice how you feel emotionally and any sensations that you feel in your body.
  10. Consider how you can honour and give thanks to this new friend. It’s your relationship and up to you how you cultivate it and let it grow.

Have fun exploring the Green World around you and opening up to the spirit of Plants. Let me know which plants are calling out to you and how you get on in the comments below.

You can find out more about my Plant Spirit Discovery by clicking here. If you want to explore this further then join me on a workshop, click here for events.

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