Discover more about plants that speak and plant allies

Watch this fun interview below with Fay Johnstone and CK Liu to discover more about connecting with the natural world and how to work with plant allies as guides for your path. You may learn something that you have always felt about plants and the natural world but didn’t know how to place it – Fay will show you how!

Plants that Speak Souls that Sing

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I am so happy to have found this book.Having gone through cancer treatment 6 years ago, I felt so much support and inspiration from my garden and the plants growing there during my difficult time. In particular, my late blooming daisy whose leaves were ravaged by insects, kept putting out more and more leaves above the devastation, and in mid October, when most other plants had surrendered, the most glorious daisies bloomed. I felt we were kindred spirits, survivors thriving. The summer after I finished my treatment, an enormous plant with leaves the size of dinner plates grew between my garden beds; I learned its name was plantain, a powerfully healing plant which grows so abundantly just about anywhere. Feeling such gratitude and connection to the plants that grew right in my backyard, I yearned for ways to deepen that connection. This book is an absolute treasure for doing exactly that! I am most grateful to have found it! Joan Marie, Amazon customer