What exactly is Sacred Space and Why is it important?

This post includes ideas and inspiration on Sacred Space and why it is important from my book Plants that Speak Souls that Sing, with question prompts and actions for you as well as a video at the end with further suggestions.

Enjoy tuning into and creating sacred space.

Where are your sacred spaces?

To help me remain balanced and fully present to my inner guidance, I not only cultivate an inner sacred space, through my meditation practice, but I also maintain physical spaces that are sacred to me – both inside and out in my garden or in my favourite places in nature.

Where have you created or could you create sacred space in your home or workplace for daily reflection, connection and renewal?

What Does Sacred Space Mean to You?

You may find that images of cathedrals, temples, mosques and other symbols of religious worship come to mind. Consider more widely what is sacred for you. I feel a divine presence in nature, without reference to specific doctrines or traditions, as if tuning in to my ancestors who honoured special places on the land. Certain places on the earth are special to us; they help lift our spirits when we are down and restore harmony. You may find that the more time you spend outside, sacred spaces in nature reveal themselve, if they haven’t already!

sacred space in nature seatFind a sacred earth place that energizes you and make sure that you schedule in time to go there.

A sacred space is not dependent on the confines of physical space – shamanic practitioners and Druids create sacred space by calling in the sacred directions, which align with the directions of a compass and their corresponding elements in nature, colours, seasons of the year, stages of life, animals and plants. Druids and other pagan belief systems may also cast a circle energetically by drawing the circle in the air or walking the circle and visualizing a circle of light. The focus and visualization involved in creating a circle in this way creates a powerful energetic container to hold the power and intention of whatever work is to take place within the space. A physical space, set aside for ritual, ceremony, healing and contemplation, certainly helps anchor your focus, energies and attention when you are beginning your spiritual practice.

Consider what techniques you can use to create non-physical sacred space such as visualising yourself in a ball of light.

What do you need from your Sacred Space?

A sacred space is a place in which you can seek retreat, contemplate life’s mystery and challenges. In sacred space, you can ask questions, reflect on your personal life experience, perform ritual, celebrate, sing, dance, invoke magic, journey to meet spirit guides, search for meaning, meditate, read poetry and listen to silence, all in the attempt to seek answers and guidance. You can also use sacred space to reconnect with your sense of self, remember your achievements, honour where you are now, strengthen your intentions and envision your dreams.

By allocating an area in your home as a sacred space, you create for yourself a place for quiet reflection, like a centre point that is separate from all of the business of your normal day. If you have a garden, then you may choose to create an external sacred space to help you feel the support and energy of nature.

Sacred space for you might even be as simple as your favourite chair, warm cosy blanket and scented candle!

Ask yourself what is it that you need from your sacred space and how can that be achieved?

Sacred space altar close upElements for your sacred space:

You may wish to fill your sacred space with objects that makes you feel empowered and loved or create an altar or focal point for your intentions. Below are some suggestions:

  • Flowers, leaves, plants, seeds, berries, feathers to honour and invoke the spirit of the natural world
  • Aromatherapy oils or incense to invoke your sense of smell and honour the element of air
  • Candles or fairy lights to honour the element of fire and create a magical ambience
  • Crystals and rocks to honour the element of earth and its strength.
  • Spring water or holy water, seashells or images of the moon to honour the element of water and the emotions
  • Images, inspirational quotes, poems or letters from loved ones
  • Display a chosen card for inspiration and guidance from your favourite deck; angel cards for example

Gather objects that have special meaning for you – these will change throughout the seasons and as you move through life’s ups and downs.

The above text is an exert from Plants that Speaks Souls that Sing: Transform your life with the Spirit of Plants

Check out this video below for more ideas and view more on You Tube here