What is Plant Spirit Reiki?

Combining the beautiful power of plants and the healing flow of reiki is a powerful combination that gets right to the heart of what a client really needs and can help take your Reiki practice to new levels of healing and harmony. Just as others may use crystals or work with, for example, angelic reiki, the practice of Plant Spirit Reiki connects with plants and elements of the natural world for healing support and guidance to enhance a reiki treatment in various forms. I have always admired the simplicity of reiki, the delight in knowing that a simple ‘reiki on’ or ‘reiki off’ will start and stop the flow of energy respectively. However, the subtle power of the green world that whispers to me is too strong for me to ignore, so bringing its magic into my reiki practice has been a natural progression of my practice and is one which I feel committed to share. Having witnessed the power of plants within my client reiki treatments as part of my professional practice, it feels like this unique way of working with people, energy and plants is ready to work its magic out in the wider Reiki community.

Why work with Plant Spirit Reiki?

plant spirit reiki heart woodWhat makes plants and the elements of nature such fascinating allies for us in our reiki practice is the versatility of their form. Not only can we physically have plants present in the treatment room – an indoor plant or vase of flowers, for example – but we can also employ a myriad of other plant products that are infused with their energy or qualities, such as essential oils, flower essences, room sprays, herbal extracts, teas and space-clearing herbs or resins. This means that the plants’ energetic vibration, that is, the spirit of the plants, can be incorporated into the reiki treatment. The fusion of these energies boosts a treatment, adding a new dimension to healing and growth, and reconnects us to the source of health and what it means to feel whole.

If you are a plant lover, you may already use reiki to send healing to your plants and watch them grow healthy and strong. As well as working with plants at home and further afield, the practice of Plant Spirit Reiki encourages you to use your reiki to connect with plants and ask for guidance about how to use plants in your healing treatments.

What does Plant Spirit Reiki involve?

Plant Spirit Reiki is a threefold journey that combines:
1)           Giving reiki to green spaces and raising their vibration to help us heal the earth (and ourselves).

2)           Coming into alignment with our own true nature through self-healing and reiki practice with the spirit of plants and the elements of nature.

3)           Working with intuitive plant healing in its various forms to boost our reiki treatments and help us and our clients reconnect with the natural world.

The process is an invitation to step through an invisible portal and drop down your perception from your logical head space into your heart, which is how you feel your way. It’s here, through the doorway of the heart, where you can experience a plant’s wisdom and sacred medicine. Using your physical senses and intuition you can allow yourself to be guided to connect with plants in a way that feels right for you and your journey. Reiki helps us to work with nature as a template for wholeness and intuitively come back home to ourselves, remembering our innate relationship with the natural world as part of nature.

Plant spirit reiki is not, like herbal medicine or aromatherapy, focused on working with remedies or preparations that are based on the chemical properties of a plant and how that affects our human physiology, though it can include these modalities. Instead, the focus is on connecting with the plants and nature as conscious beings and working in a partnership with them – in whatever way that might be – for our healing.

In our reiki practice, this might look like adding a vase of flowers to our home or treatment space. For you in your personal healing journey it might mean wearing a certain fragrance, sitting quietly with a certain companion plant that you have in your home or garden, or sending reiki to a favourite tree that you have growing near to your home. All of these ways can boost our reiki practice with the healing power of plants and help us with our personal healing growth and development.

The emphasis is on being intuitively guided by reiki and the plants to explore and express the plant as its vital essence meets yours. For some this might mean painting a picture, writing a poem or creating a flower mandala; for others it might mean creating magical herbal medicines or flower essences potentised by the flow of reiki.

What does Plant Spirit reiki include?

Everything from holding a plant in your hand or placing it on your body to sending a beautiful flower image to a friend to heal their heart, a herbal tea, aromatherapy oil, flower essence, sitting under a tree, taking a walk in nature to feel better, helping clients ground with a particular tree outside – all of these elements are part of plant spirit reiki.

As with the path of reiki, self-practice and self-healing with the spirit of plants is a vital part of the deeper understanding of ourselves, our roles here on this Earth and what it is to be human.Plant Spirit Reiki yew tree

Starting the Plant Spirit Reiki path

What calls you to work with plants and reiki? Perhaps you love gardening, or work with herbs, grow your own vegetables or campaign for our fragile environment? Or maybe you simply feel alive when you are out in nature and know that somehow this natural world wants to reach out and help you?

To rediscover your innate bond with nature I recommend you allow yourself to be guided by the plants. Wherever the green world finds you (and later takes you) with your reiki hands is the perfect pathway. It’s my wish that my work, books and courses inspire you to rekindle your relationship with nature and bring the outside inside to your working environment and most specifically into your reiki practice with yourself and others.

Inviting the outside in helps to bridge the ever-increasing gap that exists between our cosy lives and the wild green world outside our window. For too long our society has pushed the green world further and further into the margins. Let this be your invitation to feel your wild edges and allow the green whispers in through your reiki practice. I believe that co-creating with nature in this way is a step forward, not only in healing ourselves but also in raising the vibration of our planet, which in these times of environmental uncertainty cannot be ignored.

Fay Johnstone’s book Plant Spirit Reiki is astounding. It brings many magical healings and teachings in one sacred book. It inspires me to keep going and know that there is even more inspiration and magic out there to experience!

This book has been my safe haven and sacred space to rest in.

K Turner, Reiki Practitioner

Be inspired and follow your heart as the green world beckons. Open the window of your heart and let the green world inside and allow the green thread of Gaia to weave its way into your home and grow in your reiki practice.

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