The space in our homes, offices and treatment rooms often needs an energetic clean to help maintain an energetic frequency that feels good. That’s where space clearing with the Reiki drum comes in. Stagnant or unwanted energy can build up from the people, thoughts, conversations and situations that have occurred there. Just like layers of dust that we physically see that needs cleaning away, this energy needs to be cleared, to avoid stagnation and a sense of heaviness. Once we have cleared away any stagnant or unwanted energy, this allows more energetic space for fresh energy and opportunity to flow.

There are many different ways that we can work intentionally to clear this energy and welcome in higher frequencies.

In this video below you’re going to find out how to clear stagnant energy in any space  by using reiki and the drum.

Space clearing with the Reiki Drum is super simple!

Watch the video below and follow these steps:

  • The first thing to do is invite reiki to flow in the way that you have been taught. For me, I simply place my hands into gassho (prayer position) and close my eyes, take a breath to centre myself and invite reiki to flow for my highest good and the highest good  of all beings.
  • Then set your intention. In this case would be to clear the  energy or clear the space of stagnant or negative energies for the highest good and call in or bring forward positive energy. You can speak your intention out loud or you can simply hold it in your heart.
  • Get your drum! This where you charge up your drum with Reiki and you’ve got two options depending on what level of Reiki you are trained to.
  • If you are attuned to reiki level two there is a symbol which is amazing for clearing space and bringing in and calling forward the power of the universe and that is the power symbol. So if you attuned to a reiki level two then draw the power symbol onto your drum or you could simply draw the power symbol onto your dominant hand and place that on the drum so your intention is that you’re going to place the power symbol into the drum and what you can also do is call forward that power symbol as you start drumming.
  • If you’re not attuned to Reiki level 2 you just skip that part and you will have as your intention to invite reiki to flow as you work with the drum.
  • Start drumming and drum for as long as you feel needed.
  • You might want to drum into the corners of your room, by the doors and window.
  • You might want to drum to the sky, drum to the earth, drum to the  four directions or feel yourself called to flow in different directions in different areas  of the space depending on your mood or depending on how spirit guides you.
  • When you feel the space clearing is complete finish drumming and give thanks to Reiki. Intend that your space clearing is complete.
  • You will feel a difference in the space.

Other ways to clear your space include:

  • bells or sound bowl
  • clapping your hands
  • playing music or chanting
  • Beaming Reiki into the space
  • Using the Reiki power symbols or other symbols
  • candles
  • Incense, herbs or essential oils

Comment below and let me know if this is something that you do or want to try.

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