As a former owner of a flower farm and a Reiki practitioner of over twenty years it only seems right that I share with you my love of flower essences and how powerful they are for your personal healing as well as your client practice.

My top Five Flower Essences for Reiki Practitioners

I’m going to share with you my favourite top five flower essences that have really helped me and my clients in my reiki practice.

You can watch the video or go through the pointers below.

  1. My number one flower essence for Reiki Practitioners is the Bach flower remedy Rescue Remedy. I’m cheating a little bit with this one because it’s actually a combination of five flowers but Rescue Remedy helps bring emotional balance to us. This could be if someone or yourself is suffering from a stressful time, or you’ve just had a shock, you are suffering from trauma or you’re unbalanced. The combination in this remedy will bring back balance and grounding and ease the shock of any trauma. It’s a brilliant harmoniser, soother and all-rounder. Rescure remedy is brilliant if life is throwing you a curveball and you’re feeling a little wobbly. It’s great for clients if they are suffering and going through a difficult time that is causing them stress. Or if they’ve just had bad news, a shock or trauma or there’s something ongoing that they’re going through as part of their life’s challenges.
  2. Dandelion flower essence. The message from dandelion is “hey relax, take a chill pill” it’s the tendency for those needing dandelion to take on too much. For folks that want to control everything, or they want to get on it, get with it and do everything. Everybody is guilty of that in our lives today and so dandelion encourages you take a breath, sit on the sun lounger, have a cocktail. Dandelion says “relax, everything is going to be okay”. Think about dandelion, it’s full of sunshine it comes out in the sunshine and dandelion encourages us to let go of the things and the energies which are not really serving us. It encourages resiliency so this you will see this in clients and you might even see this in yourself. People who just do too much they run themselves ragged and can’t seem to say no to things – that is when you might recommend the beautiful wonderful dandelion.
  3. Wild oats flower essence. This is another Bach flower remedy and it’s been so helpful for me at certain points in my life like when I was in my 20s and feeling a little lost. I recommend it for someone who feels a little bit adrift like they don’t really know what they want to do with their life. Someone who is drifting from thing to thing who is not very confident in themselves and can’t make clear decisions. They might decide “yeah i’m gonna do this, i’m gonna study this or i’m gonna take this job and i’m gonna train like this” and then they’re not really sure and so they have to try something else. This flower essence helps somebody become more confident in their decision making and clearer about their pathway ahead.
  4. Mimulus flower essence. Once again this is from the Bach flower remedy collection and this one is for fear. We’re all susceptible to this we have clients as well who will be super super anxious: worried about their kids, worried about themselves, worried about paying the mortgage, worried about getting a promotion etc. there are many kind of worries and anxieties which are real stuff that we’re all carrying. Mimulus Flower essence helps to bring balance to our fears and anxieties and helps bring them into perspective. It will help somebody move into a space of trust.
  5. Hawthorn Flower Essence. I saved my favourite until the end. Not only is hawthorn a beautiful and magical plant which I love dearly and has many medicinal qualities but as a flower essence hawthorn is connected to our wonderful and beautiful hearts. It really helps to bring healing and flow into the heart center to help us with opening to receiving love and to giving love. This is helpful if a client or yourself are holding onto past hurts and have shut down certain aspects of your heart. The hawthorn helps to gently tease our hearts open again and shine light in there. What I love most of all about hawthorn is that because it’s working on our heart center it is the doorway that helps us to open the heart. Therefore it helps us to open this communication channel with the plant world. This is why I love it so much because if you want to connect more with plants intuitively, if you’re interested in for example the plant spirit reiki work that I do that brings plants into the treatment space and intuitively working with plant medicine then hawthorn is a flower essence not only for healing your heart and opening it to be a clearer channel for love but also to help you communicate with the plants. That is where things get really exciting!

Give me a yes below in the comments if you are into flower essences and let me know which one is your favourite.

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