Feeling out of balance? In need of Grounding? Want to feel the support of the Earth?

I invite you to get comfortable and enjoy this Qi Gong Earth Meditation – Lie Down, Ground, Relax and Energise!

This video talks you through a simple relaxing meditation that you can do seated or lying down to ground and energise to feel the support of mother earth. This guided Qi Gong meditation will help clear and recharge your energy and help you feel more grounded and balanced.

It’s a simple technique based on my elemental Qi Gong practice to help you feel better, release stagnant energy and feel renewed with the high frequency of Mother Earth, Gaia. This healing and grounding meditation will help your spiritual practice to clear negative energy and connect with the earth.

The meditation was recorded in my incredible garden space so you have the sound of the bird song and the natural world to relax you. If you are able to lie down in nature to receive this meditation and lie down close to mother earth then do so.

When you are held by the earth you feel grounded and this helps you:

  • make clearer decisions
  • more easily connect with your intuition
  • feel connected and supported by the universe (rather than alone and separate)
  • feel compassion for yourself and others
  • open to the magic and abundance of the universe

Enjoy the QiGong Earth Meditation! let me know in the comments how you get on. You can find others like this on  my Youtube channel.

This is my wonderful dog, Bertie, grounding and connecting to the earth under the shade of a tree! She does her own version of the Qi Gong Earth Meditation. One of my greatest teachers!

Come and experience the healing magic of my garden space in Scotland at Summer School or on Retreat