With the Equinox been and gone, there’s no holding back the spring that we have all be longing for. This is a potent time of year as the Earth’s plants burst forth with new growth and the creatures pair up and procreate. It’s the same for us, we can harness this energy too and use the spring energy to bring to life our inspiration, projects and desires.

To help you connect with the vibrancy of this time of year here’s a meditation to meet the Spirit of Spring. Take just 20 minutes out of your day to tune into the frequency of the natural world around you and sense the shift.

Step 1: Enjoy the meditation below to connect with the spirit of spring to harness the vibrant forces that are springing forth at this time.

Step 2: Time for a time for a spiritual spring clean? go here to learn how or Read further tips on how to bring your dreams to life this Spring here

Step 3: Scroll down to the box at the end of this page and add your name/email if you would like to receive the worksheet and audio guide to help you dive a little deeper into the vibrancy of the spring energies and use the momentum to bring forth your projects and ideas.Prepare to unfold and burst into action!

Listen above at the top of the page or listen on Sound Cloud below to connect with the spirit of spring.

If you want to take this deeper then check out the box at the end of this post below, I’ve created a worksheet and audio to help you connect with the natural world a little deeper to make the most of the spring fever that is in the air.

Spring to life now

Enter your details to receive the audio and worksheet to give your goals a boost of spring energy and transform with the spirit of nature.

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