Kick start your week with this spontaneous channelled transmission that came through from Nature consciousness while I was recording a meditation for the Reiki Your Nature Course.
It’s rare for me to have the audio recording on when this happens so grab this opportunity to listen and open to the transmission of sound and vibration that comes through.

  • Make sure you listen in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Take 3 deep breaths before you connect to get settled (as this was recorded 20 mins in to a meditation)
  • Before you begin, tune in to what’s going on in your life that you need help with
  • Think of a plant or a special place in nature to help you connect with nature consciousness or better still listen to this while with a favourite tree or place in nature.
  • Sit or lie down to receive and have your journal handy!
  • Book your personal transmission below if you feel the call to know more!


If you would like your own personal transmission of song, sound, energy and vibration then book yours below and I will email you an audio recording specific to you.

You will receive:  – audio of song, drum, chants and vibration (30 minutes)

– reading and guidance from the nature beings and spirit guides that Fay works with

– energy clearing,  soul healing and transmission

– Spontaneous magic and soul shifts that are for your highest good.

Fees for Transmission are: £50

Sending you sky rockets of love and light.

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