I’m going to talk you through five ways for you to get grounded with plants and Reiki. These will work for you if you’ve been practicing reiki or if you’re having a day where you feel a bit wobbly. They will also help you get grounded if you are working with a client and you want to help that client finish the treatment feeling grounded and ready to go back into their day.

The video and pointers below will talk you through these five ways to get grounded with plants and reiki.

  • Use the Reiki Power symbol – if you are trained to reiki level 2 or above you’ll be very familiar with the Power symbol. You can work with this symbol in many ways. You can draw this symbol over each of your energy centers, scribe it into the air, feel and visualize this symbol embracing and encompassing you going all around your body. Or you can draw it specifically around your feet and visualize, see, feel and sense the Power symbol connecting you with the earth.
  • Call on the power of trees – trees really help you remember your connection to the earth as well as your connection to the heavens. You can physically go out in nature to hug a tree to connect with that really anchoring energy of the earth. Also in your treatment spaces you can simply call in the trees with prayer. You do this in the same way that you would invite reiki to flow, you simply invite in the spirit of a tree or group of trees to be with you. You call in their presence, their strength and their tree medicine to be with you for your treatment. Trees are wonderful for helping us ground and you can also work with plant essences as well if you have any tree essences for example or essential oils.
  • Take a walk in nature – If you can get outside and go barefoot this really helps you to feel grounded and really feel that connection to the earth. It will bring you back into this reality. If you can’t go barefoot just simply get outside and breathe in deep breaths of fresh air and feel the air move around you. Feeling the elements on your skin really helps to bring you back into your body and back down to earth
  • Have something to eat or drink – Drink a warm herbal tea for example. Chai or spice blends will help you feel grounded and connect with the root chakra. Go for what you feel guided towards. I always like a hot lemon and ginger to get everything moving and also herbs like chamomile tea for example will help relax. There are stimulating herbs and relaxing herbs. Work with whichever feels right for you and those which are spicy will be grounding to connect with that root chakra and the roots like dandelion root and chicory will help you to feel grounded too.
  • Visualize yourself with roots like a tree – This is a classic visualisation exercise. Feel, see and sense yourself with roots coming out of your feet going deep down far and wide into the earth anchoring you. If you are trained to Reiki level two or above then you also work with the Distance symbol/ the connection symbol and the Power symbol to help you bridge that gap and connect with the heart of the earth.


Let me know in the comments which ways you love to work with plants or Reiki for grounding.

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