Reiki and Meditation have gone hand in hand for me since I first began my Reiki journey in 2000. Meditation has become a natural and effortless part of my daily personal Reiki practice. Every time I pause to meditate I catch a glimpse of the magic that is in the universe.

This meditation for you is based on Joshin Kokyo Ho which is a Breathing Technique to purify the spirit that I teach in my Reiki classes. It helps you bring divine energy, love and light into your body and radiate it out into the universe. This technique is easy and will power up your body and soul with super charged energy and light. It helps you feel connected, grounded and positively tingling with super powers. Many people notice that their hands and fingers will start tingling as the energy pulses through them. Imagine what you can create with that energy!

It’s a great technique to do before you begin giving Reiki or actually before you begin doing anything with your hands – like writing an email, planting seeds, driving a car, putting on make up, cooking a meal… you get the idea…

It’s also a wonderful way to relax, trust and feel held by the divine force that flows through life and sustains us.

Try it here and let me know what you think.



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