Here’s a Reiki charged meditation to help you feel re-vitalised and supported as the nights draw in, energy levels dip, waist lines expand and bank balances often plummet. This Reiki starlight healing meditation is my gift to help you through this time of year and connect you to the divine essence of cosmic light and love that you truly are.

I channeled the Reiki Starlight Healing Meditation from my heart and with the help of all the compassionate guides and plant spirit helpers who I work with. Take some time out for you to receive this healing (it’s 24 minutes). Send out your prayers to the invisible realms who are always listening and your gratitude for all that you have been given this year.

Listen as many times as you like, whenever you feel the need for extra support, guidance and love. You’ll feel fully charged of cosmic energy and re-aligned with the truth of who you really are. Hold the vision of a December that is perfect for you and your dreams for the world.

Wishing you peace, joy, love, light and abundance for the festive season and beyond.

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Please share with friends and family and everyone who needs some extra love and peace at this time of year x