How to Communicate with Plants: Getting Started

In this post with accompanying video I will lay out a simple three step process to teach you how to communicate with plants and further steps to follow to help you investigate further and open up to receive the information that the plant is communicating.

Many people think that communicating with plants involves special magic or ritual – that’s not true it’s really simple. Plants are always communicating with us. Our ancestors knew how to communicate with plants and trees that surrounded them and so do you. We are often too busy caught up with thoughts in our thinking minds to notice what the plants may be showing us. Not only that but we have got out of the habit of slowing down and tuning into their subtle messages and trusting what we think we perceive. This is a habit that we have to remember, relearn as we begin to re-open our physical and special senses to the green world that grows around us.

How to communicate with Plants: Three simple steps

The following steps are going to provide you with a simple framework to learn how to communicate with plants.

Watch the video or follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Get yourself outside in nature, somewhere green and growing that fills you up with joy.

Drop your awareness down from your thinking mind into your heart space – this is the doorway to plant communication and connection. This is where you feel your way rather than think your way through the process.

You might find it easier to place your hand on your heart to help you connect with that space.

Ask yourself – how am I feeling today? What am I looking for form this encounter with a plant today?

Breathe in as if you were breathing down into your heart and as you breathe out feel that breath travelling out of your heart and allow yourself to relax.

Spend as much time relaxing and getting into this heart space as you need. At least 10 breaths!

Step 2:

Now tune into Love, appreciation and gratitude. Yes! This is all about love!

Start to feel appreciation and love for the place in nature where you are. This is easy to do when you are outside in a beautiful place in nature. If you find this hard to do, then bring to mind someone or something that you truly love, appreciate or care for. If I am not outside in nature I might bring to mind my old dog who I still love so dearly and makes my heart swell with gratitude

It’s this vibration of love, gratitude and appreciate which is the bridge that connects you to the green world.

Step 3:

Beam out your love and appreciation into the world around you.

Imagine your body filled with this joyful feeling and feel and sense that flowing out of your body.

Imagine this flowing out towards the plant that you have chosen to connect with.

Often I might even speak out loud of my appreciation to the plant by saying “wow you look so beautiful today” “Your flowers are such an amazing colour”

Start to feel into the space between you, opening all of your senses as you become aware of the energy field of the plant that you are with.

Follow the steps below for further insight into receiving plant communication.

How to communicate with plants: Exploring and receiving

Step 1

Open up your senses to the space in between you – where do you end and where does the plant begin?

Explore the plant with each of your senses if that feels right.

Touch, observe, listen, smell, maybe even taste if you know for sure that you can identify that plant as being non-toxic.

Step 2

Pause, breathe and receive. Sit still and simply allow yourself to breathe with the plant.

The plant is sharing a story with you in the way that it grows, in its form, location, state of health, stage of growth and so on.

Open all of your senses and your heart to fully receive all of this information – that is there for you to interpret.

Step 3

Be curious, non judgemental and notice how you are feeling. It might help to use questions like these as prompts.

  • How does this plant make me feel?
  • How do I feel emotionally? Physically?
  • What do you like about the plant?
  • What needs more investigation?
  • If this plant had a message for me today, what might that be?
  • If this plant could help me with a challenge I am facing (think of that challenge) – what would that plant be saying to me?

Step 4

Make sure you give your thanks to the plant when you are ready to leave.

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